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题目1When you are working or doing school work, many factors can affect your productivity. Which of the following factors do you think is the most important?当你在工作或做功课时,许多因素都会影响你的工作效率。你认为下列哪些因素最重要?

1.having an environment free of noise and distractions 没有噪音和干扰的环境

2.knowing that you will receive a reward (i.e. a pay rise/ a better grade)

3.doing something you are interested in做你感兴趣的事

思路:doing something they are interested in

Reason 1: Interest is the greatest motivation for work. 兴趣是工作的最大动力。

Reason 2: Choosing a favorite job can inspire employees ‘creativity 选择一份喜欢的工作可以激发员工的创造力

题目2:High school graduates usually have two months’ break before they go to college or university. The high school now requires all the graduates to do one of the following to take full advantage of this break.


1.Students need to attend classes to complete university-level courses that have direct connection to their majors of study.学生需要上课完成与所学专业直接相关的大学课程。

2.Students need to join a team led by their teacher to visit museums or historical sites and write a paper about it.学生们需要加入一个由老师带领的小组,参观博物馆或历史遗迹,并就此写一篇论文。

Which one do you think is more beneficial for students? Why?

思路:Students need to join a team led by their teacher to visit museums or historical sites and write a paper about it.

Reason 1:Visiting museums or historical sites would widen students’ horizons.参观博物馆或历史遗迹可以开阔学生的视野。

Reason 2:Such activities can also cultivate students ‘abilities, such as independent thinking and critical thinking.这些活动还可以培养学生的独立思考和批判性思维等能力。

题目3Which one is the most important for high school teachers?(students aged 15-18)哪一个对高中教师最重要?(15-18岁学生)

1.The ability to give students advice about planning for future;为学生提供未来规划建议的能力;

2.The ability to recognize students who need help;认识需要帮助的学生的能力;

3.The ability to encourage students to learn on their own outside the classroom.鼓励学生在课外自主学习的能力

思路:第三种The ability to encourage students to learn on their own outside the classroom.

Reason 1: 有利于培养学生的自学能力

Reason 2: 有利于学生拓展视野,不被书本内容所束缚

题目4:Which of the following is the best way to help children behave better?


1. Limiting types of television programs and movies;限制电视节目和电影的类型;

2. Spending more time talking with children;花更多的时间和孩子们交谈

3. Supervising and monitoring children.监督和监督儿童


1.spending more time talking with children can allow parents to exert positive guidance to their children. 花更多的时间和孩子交谈可以让父母对孩子施加积极的指导。

2.spending more time talking with children can create a comfortable atmosphere between parents and children. 花更多的时间和孩子交谈可以在父母和孩子之间创造一个舒适的氛围。

题目5:The university club wants to help others, if you are a member of them, which following would you prefer to choose?


1. help young students in nearby primary school,;帮助附近小学的年轻学生,

2. help people to find new houses for rent;帮助人们找到新房子出租;

3. help old people for caring them in daily life.帮助老人在日常生活中照顾他们。

思路:help old people for caring them in daily life.

Reason 1: helping old people can cultivate university students’ social responsibility. 帮助老年人可以培养大学生的社会责任感。

Reason 2: university students’ accompany also can help those senior citizens deal with/ relieve longlines.

题目6:Which one do you think is important to long-lasting friendship?


1.Help you when you need

2.Share same interest and hobby

3.Mutual trust

思路:Sharing same interest and hobby is more important to maintain long-lasting friendships.

Reason1:The same interest and hobby would be conducive to their long-lasting communication.同样的兴趣爱好将有助于他们长久的交流。

Reason 2:The same interest and hobby would not be interrupted by long distances.同样的兴趣和爱好不会因长途旅行而中断

题目7:Some teachers prefer to record the lecture in advance so that students can familiarize first. And students will practice what they have learned from the lecture in the class.



Reason1: 学生对于lecture的理解可能会不一样,课上进行练习可能会让学生对内容不够理解 。

Reason2: 对老师来说,可以反复使用已录好的内容,但这会导致老师对自己的教学内容缺乏反思

题目8:The government is not doing enough work to educate people the importance of nutrition and healthy eating



Reason 1: 政府没有足够的宣传关于什么是健康饮食。

Reason 2: 政府也没有限制不健康食品产业的发展。

题目9:What one of the following is the most important action for the government to take for the protection of natural environment?


1.fund research on new energy sources such as solar and wind power;发现新能源,像太阳能、风能等新能源基金研究;

2.preserve natural places such as forests and natural wildlife species.保护自然场所,如森林和自然野生动物物种。

3.pass and enforce laws to reduce the pollution produced by companies and industries通过并实施法律以减少公司和工业造成的污染

思路:fund research on new energy sources such as solar and wind power

Reason 1: 使用新型能源无污染。

Reason 2: 新能源的开发也没有破坏环境。

题目10:imagine that you are planning to take a vacation, trying to decide between two places to visit. Which of these two options do you believe would give you better information about making your choice? Why?


1.Reading about the places online

2.discussing them with someone you know who has visited both places 和你认识的两个地方都去过的人讨论

思路:discussing them with someone you know who has visited both places

1.Asking friends’ advice is time saving.

2.Recommendations from friends would be more suitable based on individuals’ interests.


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